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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Meet the staff of Meredith Manor Hotel--Moira Donnelly

Moira is a 17-year-old high school senior who works weekends and holidays at Meredith Manor Hotel. An honor student, she is also taking college courses in Mandarin at the local liberal arts school. She has her eyes on a diplomatic career.

Moira developed an eating disorder when her father left the family, but with the support of her mother and family friend/physician Dr. Amina Kabli, she is recovering

She is dating Travis Hodges, who has been accepted at MIT (early admission), along with his twin brother Conor.

She is very close to her younger brothers--redheaded twins Ryan and Sean. The boys spend a fair amount of time at the hotel, and everyone there is fond of them. Ryan is convinced that since he's a twin and his sister's boyfriend is a twin that everyone has a twin but only some people are lucky enough to be able to see their twin. This theory will be tested in The Prodigal, a Meredith Manor Hotel novella due out in November 2018)

Moira speaks several languages and serves as an interpreter when the hotel has foreign guests. At the suggestion of Miranda Weston, Peter Meredith has hired her for an internship in the French office of the  Meredith family charity, Light a Candle Alliance the summer before her first year of college.

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